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Introducing Torvan Floorplanner, the ideal tool to help you plan and design your reprocessing project.

Your Space is Important

When it comes to designing your sterile processing department, there are several things to consider to ensure your department is designed for optimized workflow and safety. With Torvan Floorplanner, you can easily design and plan your SPD floorspace, while selecting the right equipment for your deparment. A dirty to clean workflow layout is the foundation for a good reprocessing area. A uni-directional workflow from Decontamination, Packing, Sterilization, and Sterile Storage reduces the chances of your sterilized equipment becoming cross-contaminated. For quick and easy visualization of your floorspace, you can use Torvan Floor Planner 3D design tools to create true to scale, 2D floorplans, 3D visualizations, and add reprocessing equipment from our collection of products.

Make the most of your space!

Planning and designing can be challenging, which is why Torvan Floorplanner exists. We believe that planning your space shouldn't be difficult, expensive, or exclusive to professionals. It should be easy, accessible, fun, and free for everyone. Your space matters, and we’re here to help.

Accurately draw & plan any type of Space with ease.

Having an accurate floorplan of your space is extremely useful for making informed design decisions and avoiding costly mistakes. Torvan Floorplanner's editor helps you quickly and easily recreate any type of space in just minutes, without the need for any software or training. Draw your rooms, move walls, and add doors and windows with ease to create a Digital Twin of your own space. With our real-time 3D view, you can see how your design choices will look in the finished space and even create professional-quality 3D renders at a stunning 8K resolution.

Create your own account and start planning your space for free with Torvan Floor Planner!