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CleanStation Reprocessing Sinks

TORVAN MEDICAL provides efficient and effective reprocessing sinks for any Sterile Processing and Endoscopy Department. Ergonomic features such as electromechanical height-adjustment reduce neck and back strain, while 45o wrist-friendly edges minimize pressure points and wrist fatigue. Marine edges and bottom-filling basins reduce splashing and spillover. With multiple configuration options, including our revolutionary touchscreen-powered eSink upgrade, our sinks are a perfect fit for your workspace, whether you’re reprocessing endoscopes, medical instruments, or even complex systems such as the Da Vinci Xi.

CleanStation Reprocessing Sinks
  • E-Drain
  • Height Adjustable
    Height Adjustable
  • Introsink
  • Endoscope Sink
    Endoscope Sink
  • E-Sink Display
    E-Sink Display
CleanStation Reprocessing Sinks

Overhead Tilt Light

Electromechanical Height Adjustment

Bottom Filling Sink Mixer & Basin Outlet

Electronic Push Button Drain


CleanStation Reprocessing Sinks Product Sheet


CleanStation Reprocessing Sinks Catalog
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Standard Features
  • 36" High Pegboard with Full-length Dimmable/Tilting Overhead LED Light
  • Programmable Electromechanical Height Adjustment with Heavy Duty Industrial-Strength Actuators
  • Bottom Fill Outlet and Mixing Valve for Splash Reduction.
  • Electronic Push Button Drain with Integrated Overflow Protection.
  • Marine Edges
  • Ergonomic Wrist-Friendly Sink Basin Edges
  • Swing Spout Faucet, Wrist Blades
  • Coved Basins with Laser-Etched Water Volume Graduations
  • Angled Stainless Steel Backsplash Mount with Swing Spout Faucets
  • Levelling Casters
  • Anti Fatigue Mats
  • Sink Drain Cover
  • Basin LED light
  • Shelf with light (single basin Instrosink only)
  • Stainless Steel Rail Base
  • 9 Port Power Bar
  • Temperature Monitoring Kit
Storage And Accessory Options
  • Stainless Steel Shelf
  • Bin Rail with Storage Bins
  • High Visibility LED Task Light
  • Magnifying Light
  • Glove Dispenser (Single and Double)
  • Gallon Bottle Holder (Single and Double)
  • Angled Adjust Brackets
  • Stainless Steel Baskets with Fixed or Angled Adjustable Brackets
  • Rubberized Wire Baskets
  • Rubber Tip Peg Hooks (Single and Double)
  • Fixed Angle Baskets
  • Spray Bottle Holder (Single and Double)
Optional Features
  • Ultrasonic basins
  • Sink Basin Staging Cover
  • Drain Disinfection Unit Functionality
Faucet & Valve Options
  • Gooseneck Treated Water Faucet
  • Air Gun Kit with Holder and Tips
  • Treated Water Gun Kit with Holder and Tips
  • Pre-Rinse Overhead Spray Unit
Touchscreen Controlled eSink

Torvan Medical’s eSink promotes efficiency and ergonomics in sterile processing departments by combining the full suite of our revolutionary sink features into a unified 7.5" touchscreen control. The eSink system allows a single user to quickly and precisely operate our eDrain, bottomfill and auto-fill basins, electromechanical height adjustment, temperature control and monitoring, enzymatic basin dosing and more. Torvan Medical’s eSink system promotes a safe, ergonomic workflow for your sterile processing department.

Touchscreen-Controlled features:

Torvan esink MainScreen black

  • Water Temperature Control and Monitoring
  • Bottom-fill and Auto-Fill Basin with Overflow Protection
  • Enzymatic Basin Dosing
  • eDrain automated Basin Drain
  • LED Overhead Tilt Light
  • Electromechanical Height Adjustment
  • Sink Basin Light

Torvan Medical’s automated electronic drain (eDrain) allows users to safely drain sink basins with the push of an illuminated control button. Our “Integrated Overflow Protection” is more reliable and precise than external mechanical drains, the eDrain feature allows users to safely drain sink basins without the need for hands and arms to make contact with contaminated solution.

The eDrain can be programmed to close as soon as the sink basin is empty, reducing the spread of contaminants from the plumbing.

Cleanstation Reprocessing Sink Specifications
Description Model Number Dimensions
Single Basin MDRD T2-1B-6030HA 50-71" W x 30" D
Double Basin MDRD T2-2B-7230HA
72-83" W x 30" D
84-90" W x 30" D
96-107" W x 30" D
Triple Basin MDRD T2-3B-9630HA
96-107" W x 30" D
108-120" W x 30" D
T2-2B-4830HA 48" W x 30" D
IntroSink T2-343OVA-PR-FMC-1 34" x 30" D


Request Information

Do you have a question regarding our products? Do you need more information for your project?
Please don’t hesitate to reach out, we’re here to help!

Request Information

Do you have a question regarding our products? Do you need more information for your project?
Please don’t hesitate to reach out, we’re here to help!


Overhead Tilt Light
Wrist Friendly Edges
Electromechanical Height Adjustment
Programmable Height Adjustment Interface
Electronic Push Button Drain
Backsplash Mount Swing Spout Faucets
Covered Sink Basins with Fill Level Etching
High Modular Pegboard Accessory Area
E-sink Touchscreen Control
Lock & Levelling Casters
Temperature Monitor
Marine Edges